Caring for Senior Cats & Senior Dogs
in Colorado Springs, CO

Pets age much more quickly than humans do

which is why it’s important to provide the essential care your dog, cat, or small mammal pet requires. The team at Cheyenne Mountain Animal Hospital deems any pet aged seven years and older to be a senior pet.

Pets can benefit from comprehensive senior pet care and early disease detection to help them live longer, healthier lives with you.

Dog Years VS Human Years

7 dog years = 44 – 56 years
10 dog years = 56 – 78 years
15 dog years = 76 – 115 years
20 dog years = 96 – 120 years

Cat Years VS Human Years

7 cat years = 54 years
10 cat years = 63 years
15 cat years = 78 years
20 cat years = 97 years

senior pet care in colorado springs

Crucial Senior Care for Your Four-Legged Friend

While annual check-ups are important for pets of all ages, making more frequent vet visits is especially important for mature pets. We consider pets that are seven years old and older to be senior-aged pets. 

At this stage in their lives, dogs and cats are more susceptible to contracting health issues, including the following:

  • Diabetes
  • Arthritis
  • Heart disease
  • Liver disease
  • Certain types of cancer

Helping Your Pet Age with Grace

Caring for your senior pet may seem like a daunting task, especially as they get older and may develop more serious health issues. Rest assured, the team at Cheyenne Mountain Animal Hospital is here to help provide the necessary senior pet care your companion deserves. There are also simple things you can do around the house to help your pet transition into their golden years including:


Your senior pet may need a little extra help reaching raised furniture such as couches or beds and can benefit from a ramp to help them. Slippery floors may be difficult for older pets to navigate as well, so you may consider covering tile or hardwood floors with rugs to improve your pet’s traction.


Exercise can offer health benefits for pets of all ages, and this is also true of senior pets. Regular exercise can improve their temperament, increase their mobility, and block weight gain.


Everyone loves a comfy spot to rest and relax, right? Senior pets may benefit from a supportive and cozy bed to recharge at night and throughout the day.


Your pet’s diet is a vital part of their overall care, as all pets have specific nutritional requirements to meet. We recommend feeding your companion pet food that is formulated to provide ideal digestion and caloric intake according to their age.


As always, we advise monitoring your pet closely for any changes in their eating, drinking, sleeping and bathroom habits. Please let your veterinarian know if you notice any sudden changes, as this may suggest there is a change in their health that should be addressed.

Get the best care for your best friend.

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